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Fee Schedule

Gym (Deerfield Campus) $25 an hour

Gym and Kitchen use (Deerfield Campus) $25 an hour + $50 Kitchen use fee

Gym (West Campus) $25 an hour

Small Conference Room (West Campus) $25 an hour 

Large Conference Room w/ Kitchenette (West Campus) $40 an hour

Cleaning Fee deposit $50

Rental Locations

West Campus - 2232 Washington Street

Deerfield Campus - 1221 Deerfield Blvd.


Little Blossoms is a “self serve” facility.  Keys will be checked out to the event holder.  The event holder is responsible to leave the facility to match it’s pre-event condition.  


  1.  Reservations are made by contacting Little Blossoms at 402-533-8488.  Reservations can be made one year in advance.  

  2. Any special room set up will be the responsibility of the event holder.  When scheduling please allow extra time for your set up and tear down.  Minimum of 1 hour total.

  3. All fees and cleaning deposits shall be paid at the time of booking in order to secure a place on the calendar.  Required deposits will be voided within 48 hours of the event if the event space is left clean and in good order. 

  4. Decorations are acceptable.  No taping of items or pounding nails into walls.

  5. All trash must be taken off the premises when leaving the facility.  Vacuums, brooms, mops and cleaning supplies are located in the cleaning closet in the hall.  Please be sure all tables and chairs are wiped down.  Floors must be swept and mopped.  The cleaning deposit will not be returned if these cleaning duties are not performed.  

  6. The event holder is responsible for any damages to the property.  



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