Fee Schedule

Payments are due the Thursday before attendance for what days the child will be attending for the following week.

Registration Fee per child $25 (non refundable-one time fee)

10% Discount for more than one child.

Title 20 is accepted

Infant Rooms (6 weeks-18 months)

Full Time:  $49 per day/$245.00 per wk 

Part Time:  $57 per day up to 3 days

Toddler Rooms (18 months - 3 years)

Full Time:  $44.00 per day/$220.00 per wk

Part Time:  $52 per day up to 3 days

Pre-K Room (3 years-Kindergarten)

Full Time:  $42.00 a day/$210.00 per wk

Part Time:  $50 a day up to 3 days

School Age Room (Kindergarten to 12 years)

Before School $8.00 per day

After School $10.00 per day

School Holidays and Summer $40 per day 

Weekly Field Trips - $10.00 Fee per wk

Hourly Rates

Fee is $13.00 a hour and is limited to 4 hours a day.  No discounts will be given for more than one child.

Pre-School (Priority given to children enrolled in childcare at the center)

T-Th Class $110/month (3 year olds)

M/W/F Class $140/month (4/5 year olds)

M-F Class $200/month (4/5 year olds)

Other Fees

$10.00 late fee for payments received after Thursday

$30.00 Service fee for returned checks

$1.00 per minute late fee (per child) for after 6:00 pm pick-up