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Fee Schedule

Little Blossoms requires that all anticipated attendance is provided the Wednesday prior to the week of attendance. Little Blossoms will not bill for vacations or longer lengths scheduled out if given 30 days notice. Credits are only provided for children over 18 months of age. Children over 18 months of age will have 5 credits available per year, August 2023 to beginning of August 2024. For 18 months of age up, if you provide us with a day expected to be in attendance and the child does not attend, we will not provide a credit for it unless requested. If requested, it will be deducted from the 5 available days (for children over 18 months of age).


Infant Room (6 weeks-18 months)

Full-time (4-5 days a week): $270/week

Part-time (up to 3 days a week): $198/week

Due to the high staffing needs of the infant group, until 18 months of age, tuition is based on the listed full-time or part-time attendance per week. Credits will not be given until 18 months. The amount agreed upon is due weekly, regardless of attendance, unless a longer absence/vacation with proper 30 day notice. 

Toddler Room (18 months-2 years)

5 days: $245.00

4 days: $199.00

3 days: $180.00

2 days: $122.00

1 days: $62.00


Pre-K Room (3-5 years)

5 days: 235.00

4 days: $188.00

3 days: $174.00

2 days: $118.00

1 days: $60.00

School-Age Room (Kindergarten-12 years)

Before School- $10/day

After School- $13/day

School Holidays and Summer- $42.00/day 

Meals are provided and we are open on non-school days.Field Trip- Field trips are additional $15 a day per child and will be billed the week after the field trip. 

Hourly Rates

Fee is $15.00 a hour and is limited to 4 hours a day.  No discounts will be given for more than one child.

Pre-School (Priority given to children enrolled in childcare at the center)

T-Th Class $110/month (3 year olds)

M/W/F Class $140/month (4/5 year olds)

M-F Class $200/month (4/5 year olds)

Other Fees

$10.00 late fee for payments received after Thursday

$30.00 Service fee for returned checks or automatic payments

$1.00 per minute late fee (per child) for after 6:00 pm pick-up

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