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Pre-K Rooms (3 years - Kindergarten)

For Pre-Kindergarteners, we plan a variety of activities through a learning center setup. During the learning centers, the children are broken into small groups in the classroom and rotate to different experiences and work with the teacher in a small group to help enhance each child's learning needs.  The children will be provided with time each day for art, school readiness, music, movement, stories, outdoor time, learning center, fine motor, language arts and large motor activities. Meals are served family style to help the children to learn a sense of community and to make choices.

Pre-K Schedule

6:00-8:00      Free Play

8:00-8:30      Breakfast

8:30-9:30      Guided Play

9:30-10:00    Circle Time

10:00-10:30  Learning Centers

10:30-11:00  Large Motor

11:00-11:30  Music & Movement

11:30-12:00  Lunch

12:00-2:00    Nap/Quiet Time

2:00-2:30      Snack/Story Time

2:30-3:00      Large Motor

3:00-4:00      Art

4:00-4:45      Manipulatives

4:45-5:15      Group Activity

5:15-6:00      Free Play

Drawing Together
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